What is the belly button for?


I spent the last 3.5 days deciding on this blog title. That includes staring at random username generators, online rhyming dictionaries and samosapedia till my eyes were dry as flake.

I finally chose a writing prompt from my first grade creative writing class. (No my memory has never been elephantine plus creative writing was unheard of in the school I attended. During the day, I masquerade as a rational adult and teach reading and writing to a class of twenty seven children.)

I’m telling you all this so you will reconsider whatisthebellybuttonfor1.wordpress.com.

Ok, thank you.


2 thoughts on “What is the belly button for?

  1. Nanya

    Hey Ms A, i am the happy girlfriend from IHM blog. Just wanted to thank you for your wishes and wanted to tell you that i do not blog,but i do write nice long emails.So if you send me your email id,i will write and we can become friends
    Lots of love!

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